panama-300x224In terms of real estate investments, markets may be alike, but not all of them are the same.

Real estate investments in Panama have been widely expanding for almost ten years. The market is extremely active and is in constant competition. Therefore, any kind of real estate investment must be made with full knowledge of the area.

In Ballard & Ballard we have a deep knowledge of all the details of all the legal processes and registration requirements. We work in close contact with notaries to ensure that our clients’ investments are duly protected and identified. We know both of sale and purchase of small apartments to the development of large projects. We are in close contact with real estate developers in Panama; we work with notaries and the public registry; we negotiate funding with banks, draft and/or check all the documents, act as intermediaries or representatives for the client upon the client’s request, reporting about every tasks needed and performed.

In terms of real estate investments, Ballard & Ballard can also assist in other jurisdictions outside Panama, whether through our offices abroad or through our vast worldwide network of associated law firms.

It is worth mentioning that our practice is not only limited to real estate destined to residential purposes. Real estate investments include, in our case, all kinds of property, each of which has its own features. By way of example, our clients can be interested in farms, real estate developments for high-, medium- or low-income individuals, condominiums, plots in the mountain or the beach (e.g. an apartment in Turk and Caicos or in Paris, etc.). The list is endless. Clients need to be sure of their investments, regardless of whether they are prospective buyers or developers, promoters or lenders.

This is an important part of our legal practice. You can be certain and feel sure and comfortable about it. That is our aim.