Litigations in Panama. Ballard & Ballard has a strong and active presence in the litigation area. We have taken part in all kinds of proceedings, from minor contractual differences between parties to million-dollar proceedings before the courts of justice.

Even though it is true that a negotiation is always better than a burdensome lawsuit, it is also true that many times there is no other way out. Ballard & Ballard makes its experience and dedication in this area, available to its clients. From the simplest cases to the most difficult ones. We have worked in hard, technically complicated proceedings, attaining successful results. We have also leaded teams with other law firms in cases which, given their complexity and size, no other firm could’ve taken on its own.

We have experience in civil and criminal litigations, commercial lawsuits, actions, probate proceedings, claims, judicial collections, administrative and legal cases deriving from real estate conflicts, contractual and non-contractual liabilities, before every jurisdictional instance, from municipal authorities to the Supreme Court of Justice.

In our practice, we have represented, both in domestic and international proceedings, large corporations, small and family businesses, construction firms, developers, and individuals or groups of individuals in the different stages of the lawsuit, both as plaintiff and defendant, and in several occasions our clients refer new clients to us, acknowledging our effort, dedication and outcomes.