libros-300x228In terms of labor law, we have highly experienced specialists in Panama.

One of our partners has even been a professor of university labor law since 1983. He provided his services within the Ministry of Labor for many years. His experience and studies show our involvement in the labor law field.

We are able to represent employees and employers, as we have a perfect understanding of their legal relations. A successful labor relationship is a key element for companies. An employee who does not have a good labor relation, does not have the appropriate environment to produce. A company needs aware and motivated employees to improve its efficiency and production. This is our motto in the labor field. To find the best circumstances for employees and employers to benefit from the relationship.

We have helped companies to reorganize themselves. We advise our clients to terminate a labor relationship with the least trauma possible, always considering the parties’ interests and rights. We regularly prepare or edit labor agreements, mutual agreements between employer and employee, check the parties’ rights in the event of a termination of the labor relationship. We assist our clients when required before the ministerial authorities and, in general, we assist in each stage of the process when required.

We handle and know the different special regimes created for multinational companies, international authorities, expatriates; we recommend the most appropriate labor agreement according to the circumstances; we prepare and check the employment regulations, process all types of applications to the authorities on a case-by-case basis.