Trading in Panama. We work in the negotiation and design of international trade matters, from plain and simple matters to the most complex ones, involving countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia.

We deal with issues involving free trade treaties, Free Zones and Multimodal centers (e.g. Colon Free Zone, Panama-Pacific area, etc.)

We have negotiated and drafted trade agreements between our clients and their business partners in different countries; we open markets using the vast network of law firms we belong to; we regularly examine and check commercial contracts with implications in other countries (such as purchase agreements between French and Mexican companies). Therefore, our clients benefit from not having to deal with different law firms in different countries. Our law firm coordinates the entire work, regardless of the number of jurisdictions involved.

This clearly saves time otherwise spent in these processes. Clients only need to make their arrangements with us and not with a group of different law firms.