Trademarks, patents and intellectual property in Panama. Ballard & Ballard provides ongoing advisory services to its clients in the protection of their intellectual property rights, which are the basis and foundation of every creation of human mind.

We register trademarks, invention patents, designations of origin and copyrights. We have represented clients in trademark registration challenges, we have defended factory trademark exploitation and use rights; we are currently providing advisory services to one of the largest and renamed education institutions of the world in the protection of their rights over the outcomes of their ongoing research activities.

Our participation goes beyond traditional protection, as we take new technologies (radio, TV, digital replication, Internet) into consideration in matters such as authorized copies, restricted copies, limitation of liability for the use of legally protected -but yet, public, works; free software and its implications on software development, etc.

Moreover, through our offices outside of Panama as well as through our large worldwide network of associated law firms, we can register or ensure intellectual property rights in almost every country of the world, all centralized from our Panama offices. Our clients need not look for lawyers in other countries, as our firm prepares the agreement, checks the documents, makes the required petitions or files the required applications, thus saving our clients’ money and efforts.