panama-300x224With the modernization of communications and means of transport, migratory movements have experienced dramatic changes worldwide.

Countries try to deal with this in several ways and even when it can be a problem for some of them, for others it is the solution to their lack of qualified labor problem. Obviously, the constant movement of individuals brings about legal issues in terms of migration.

Our firm deals with all kinds of situations involving migration matters, the different types of visas for individuals residing in Panama, applications for naturalization and, of course, we coordinate this with work permits, when required or needed by our clients. Our practice regarding immigration, residents’ visas, naturalizations and the relevant work permits for foreigners is vast, and ranges from the simple case of a particular client, to the processing of more specific permits, e.g. permits for employees of multinational head offices (SEM, for its Spanish acronym), companies or organizations set up in Ciudad del Saber, visas for investors and artists in Panama.

Outside of Panama, we can also make such contacts in other countries and check the requirements, formalities, time and cost of migration processes, through our offices abroad, as well as through our associated law firms practically in the entire world.

Normally, for immigration issues, resident visas, naturalizations and work permits, we meet with our clients, listen to their needs and provide them with guidance on the best way to materialize their petitions. There are several types of visas and residence permits depending on the individual’s activity or reason for which he/she wants to process it, the individual’s nationality (whether there are special agreements or processes for a country in particular) or the amount of the investment, etc. We usually guide the client through the fastest processes given the client’s particular situation, as well as that of the client’s family or company.

We walk with the client throughout the entire process, from the first interview until the official pronouncement. We give the client advice, arrange and prepare the client’s documents so his/her experience is less complicated and as efficient as possible. In immigration issues, resident visas, naturalization and work permits our firm conducts the processes at the highest quality standards.