Homologations in Panama. Registration and listing of health products in Panama. Our firm operates in these areas constantly. Ballard & Ballard participates on behalf of our clients in all kinds of applications filed with administrative authorities, whether at national, province or municipal levels, in countries where we operate.

From the application for permits with a district’s mayor’s office, permits with national authorities, e.g. for the construction of road projects, requests for official authorizations for electronic products, requests for permits from regulatory authorities in energy, hydraulic energy matters, occupation permits, sanitary licenses, sanitary registrations, requests for permits from financial entities, validation of navigation permits, operation licenses for financial activities subject to special regimes, interviews with members of the state administration, participation before administrative authorities, requests for reconsideration and appeals, obtaining Call Center licenses, where we have represented somewhat more than 300 employees in Panama.

Our firm has requested and obtained licences for SEM Companies (Headquarters of multinational companies) in Panama, regulated under laws 41/2007 and 45/2012, securing all the permits and contracts needed to operate.

We would be pleased to provide you with advice and guidance in any processes you need to conduct before the state administration, as the administrative law is one of our most important fields of practice.