Since 2001 our firm has been providing legal services in an international context. For years, we have helped clients, corporate, and institutional, from different countries, in their legal needs, assisting them not only in Panama, but through our affiliates and contacts, globally.

We understood from the global crisis of 2020 that the world was changing rapidly and in many cases radically, so we took steps to emerge with a more agile and solid service line in the face of these new challenges. Indeed, we allied ourselves with the law firm Moreno y Fábrega, one of the leading litigation law firms in Panama, founded since 1960. Although we both maintain our independence and structures, we have joined efforts and complement our services in various fields. Our common legal experience provides a more comprehensive scope of legal activities, to the benefit of our clients.


Since our restructuring in 2020, we have acted as legal advisors for more than US$30MM in transactions within Panama, in the purchase of millions of US$ in active companies, we have expanded our aeronautical law practice, we have intervened in cases related to the complexity of the use of cryptocurrencies in Panama, including the existence of current regulations, the lack of regulatory services, to help our clients face the challenges and dangers of cryptocurrencies inside and outside of Panama. We have also continued to act as attorneys in international litigation (which has a Panamanian component) for millions of US dollars at a time. It is important to point out that our daily legal practice is carried out continuously in the Spanish, English and French languages.

Areas of practice

  • – Aviation Law
  • – Cryptocurrencies Regulations
  • – Immigration and Labour Law
  • – Real Estate Law
  • – Corporate Law
  • – Administrative Law
  • – Intellectual Property Law
  • – Financial Law
  • – Homologation of Telecommunication Devices


  • Civil Litigation
  • – Criminal Litigation
  • – Commercial Litigation